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Bangalore to Mysore Taxi Service with ‘Bangalore Drive’

Mysore is a serene city located at the foot of Chamundi Hills. It is a city with the perfect blend of sheer natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Mysore is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore and if you wish to explore it to the fullest, then book a private taxi from Bangalore Drive.

Popularly known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is the second-largest city in the state. It is strewn with memories and glories of a classically significant era of Indian history. The glittering monuments of Mysore narrate the stories of its royal past. Due to its beautiful architecture and pleasant weather, Mysore has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in south India.

Among other monuments, the Mysore Palace is a listed world heritage site in India by UNESCO. You can also witness the beauty of the musical fountains at the Brindavan Gardens. A visit to the Railway Museum will give you an insight into the rich history of railways in India. 

Chamundeshwari Temple, Gayatri Temple, Someswara Temple, and Bhuvaneshwari Temple are prominent temples of Mysore. The intricate architecture and spiritual vibe of these temples add to the eclectic character of the city.

Besides admiring the grandeur of the city, you can also enjoy fun activities such as wildlife spotting at Mysore Zoo and Bandipur National Park. Nature lovers can explore KRS Dam, Bonsai Garden, Balmuri Waterfalls, and Karanji Lake. Shopping is another fun activity to try in Mysore. Traveling to Mysore will reconnect you to the era gone by.

The distance between Bangalore and Mysore is around 144 kilometers, which is around 3 hours drive. Book a taxi from Bangalore Drive’s Bangalore to Mysore car rental service and enjoy the picturesque view along the route. You can also spend some time at the numerous tourist spots on your way to Mysore.

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Bangalore Drive makes it easy to rent a car with our affordable rates, premium vehicles and unbeatable customer service. One of the leading taxi service provider in Bangalore, we offer a wide range of vehicles, including luxury and economy models, that can cater to all kinds of budgets and plans. Choose from the given list of vehicle types for your Mysore trip from Bangalore:

Your private taxi options to Mysore from Bangalore

Book a Hatchback Taxi / Cab in Bangalore with Best Price - Hire the best Hatchback Car Rental in Bengaluru


A hatchback rental from Bangalore Drive is every frequent-traveler’s best friend, offering incredible fuel efficiency. These vehicles are perfect for a small family with light luggage and are a great solution to crowded trains and expensive cab rides.

Book a Innova Crysta Taxi / Cab in Bangalore with Best Price - Hire the best Toyota Innova Car Rental in Bengaluru

Toyota Innova

If you want to keep yourself and your passengers comfortable on even the longest drives, a Toyota Innova from Bangalore to Mysore taxi service will serve you well. It is a great option for road trips with your friends and family.

Book a Sedan Taxi / Cab in Bangalore with Best Price - Hire the best Sedan Car Rental in Bengaluru


When you need space for a few passengers and luggage, or just want some extra leg room, a sedan rental from Bangalore Drive is an excellent choice. With plenty of models to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect car for your vacation.

Book a SUV Taxi / Cab in Bangalore with Best Price - Hire the best SUV Car Rental in Bengaluru


An SUV rental from Bangalore to Mysore rent a car service will enable you to take on inclement weather and rough terrain in comfort and confidence. It provides plenty of room for your passengers and their luggage.

Book a Tempo / Force Traveller in Bangalore with Best Price - Hire the best Van Rental in Bengaluru

Tempo Traveller

A Tempo Traveller from Bangalore Drive is great for traveling with a large group. These spacious vehicles are an easy choice when it comes to traveling with multiple passengers and luggage.

Book a Mini Bus Traveller in Bangalore with Best Price - Hire the best Bus Rental in Bengaluru

Mini Bus

Why sacrifice peace of mind or have to travel in separate vehicles when you can bring the whole family along in a Mini Bus from Bangalore to Mysore bus rental service. It is ideal for hauling large groups on a long road trip.

What you get with Bangalore Drive

  • Pickup from any location of your convenience in Bangalore
  • No hidden fees in your Bangalore to Mysore taxi service
  • Nominal prices along with detailed break up of charges
  • Any additional charges including night charges will be mentioned in the itinerary
  • All vehicles in excellent condition
  • Reliable and Supportive customer service
  • Courteous and well trained drivers
  • Flexible operating hours

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  • Choose from our wide variety of vehicle options in Bangalore
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One Day Taxi Package Cost to Mysore from Bangalore

Vehicle ClassDurationKm IncludedPackage Cost
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback) 1 Day380 km₹ 4260
Swift Dzire (Sedan) 1 Day380 km₹ 4640
Toyota Etios (Sedan) 1 Day380 km₹ 5020
Toyota Innova (SUV) 1 Day380 km₹ 6160
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater) 1 Day380 km₹ 7270
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater) 1 Day380 km₹ 7650
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater) 1 Day380 kmGet a Quote
Bus (49 Seater) 1 Day380 kmGet a Quote
Bengaluru to Mysore 1 day taxi hire package fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges. Exclusions: State permit.

2 Days Taxi Package Cost to Mysore from Bangalore

Vehicle ClassDurationKm IncludedPackage Cost
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback)2 Days500 km₹ 5640
Swift Dzire (Sedan)2 Days500 km₹ 6140
Toyota Etios (Sedan)2 Days500 km₹ 6640
Toyota Innova (SUV)2 Days500 km₹ 8140
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater)2 Days500 km₹ 9590
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)2 Days500 km₹ 10090
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)2 Days500 kmGet a Quote
Bus (49 Seater)2 Days500 kmGet a Quote
Bengaluru to Mysuru 2 days taxi hire package fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges. Exclusions: State permit.

3 Days Taxi Package Cost to Mysore from Bangalore

Vehicle ClassDurationKm IncludedPackage Cost
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback)3 Days755 km₹ 8235
Swift Dzire (Sedan)3 Days755 km₹ 8990
Toyota Etios (Sedan)3 Days755 km₹ 9745
Toyota Innova (SUV)3 Days755 km₹ 12010
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater)3 Days755 km₹ 14070
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)3 Days755 km₹ 14825
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)3 Days755 kmGet a Quote
Bus (49 Seater)3 Days755 kmGet a Quote
Bengaluru to Mysuru 3 days taxi hire package fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges. Exclusions: State permit.

Flexible Bengaluru to Mysuru Private Taxi Fare

Vehicle ClassCost / KmDriver ChargesParking & Toll Fee
Hyundai i20 (Hatchback)₹ 9260As per tariff
Swift Dzire (Sedan)₹ 10260As per tariff
Toyota Etios (Sedan)₹ 11260As per tariff
Toyota Innova (SUV)₹ 14260As per tariff
Force Traveller (9 -12 Seater)₹ 16360As per tariff
Force Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)₹ 17360As per tariff
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)₹ 26450As per tariff
Bus (49 Seater)₹ 36750As per tariff
  • Minimum km applicable per day is 300 kms.
  • Driver Allowance / Charges listed is per day.
  • Parking & Toll gate charges will be extra & as per the tariff.

One Way / Drop Only Taxi to Mysore from Bangalore

Vehicle ClassSeating CapacityOne Way Fare
Hatchback | Hyundai i201 + 4₹ 2865
Sedan | Swift Dzire, Etios1 + 4₹ 3090
SUV | Toyota Innova1 + 7₹ 3990
Bangalore to Mysuru one way taxi fare includes driver charges, parking & toll gate charges. Exclusions: State permit.

Key Information about your Mysore trip from Bengaluru

Bangalore to Mysore Traffic Info & Route

The shortest route to travel from Bangalore to Mysore is via Mysore Road. This route has heavy traffic, but it is extremely scenic. Ramnagar is a popular tourist stop on your way that you can visit with a private cab from Bangalore Drive. You can visit the Ramadevara Betta and enjoy adventure activities such as trekking, rappelling, and rock climbing. The city is also well-known for its silk farms. 

The alternate route is via NH 75 and NH-150A. This route is longer than the other one and you can cover it in around 3.5 hours. You can stopover at Srirangapatna and Nagamangala along this route. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Dariya Daulat Palace, and Saumyakeshava Temple are popular tourist destinations in these cities.

Another route is via NH948. This is the longest route as it is around 188 kilometers. A drive along this route can be completed in 3.5 hours. This route offers fun-filled activities. You can visit the famous Discovery Village and enjoy adventurous activities like trekking at Kabbaladurga. You will also come across the famous underground Guhantara resort as you drive along this route. Another popular stopover is for a picnic at Mekedatu, or an unwinding experience relaxing at the Pyramid Valley.

Whichever route you choose, with a Bangalore to Mysore taxi service, you can simply relax and enjoy the scenic views.

Mysore Taxi Service from Bangalore w/ Cost - Huge Savings with 'Bangalore Drive'
Mysore Taxi Service from Bangalore w/ Cost – Huge Savings with ‘Bangalore Drive’

The top 5 attractions to see in Mysore

Mysore is dotted with regal palaces, stunning monuments, and spectacular temples. Owing to its charm and abundance, the city has been bestowed with names like- Sandalwood city and City of Palaces. Here’s a list of places to visit in Mysore during your road trip from Bangalore with Bangalore Drive:

1. Mysore Palace

Built in Indo Saracenic style, this grand edifice is the second most visited destination of India. Once the abode of the Royal Wadiyar dynasty, the mesmerizing Mysore Maharaja Palace boasts of its rich historical ties to India. From the intricate artwork to the beautiful pink-tinted marble domes – stepping inside the palace will take you back to the bygone times.

Although it looks splendid at all times, you must try to visit it in the evening. Illuminated with thousands of bulbs, the grand palace seems to come back to life. Mysore Palace is among the most popular tourist destinations in Mysore.

2. Chamundeshwari Temple

Being one of the 18 ‘Maha Shakti Peeths’, the Chamundeshwari Temple is a very significant pilgrimage site in India. Located on the eastern fringe of Mysore, this temple is built atop the Chamundi hills and can be reached with a Bangalore to Mysore car rental.

The shrine exhibits ‘Shakti’ or power in its fierce embodiment as Goddess ‘Chamundi’ or ‘Durga’. It also showcases ‘Munda’ or ‘Mahishasura’, the demons. The Goddess of power, Goddess Durga, a tutelary deity signifies the protector of the Maharajas of Mysore.

The temple can be visited by ascending around 1000 steps. Festivals like Navratri and Chamundi Jayanti are grandly celebrated at the temple. During these days, devotees from across the length and breadth of the world visit the temple to receive the blessings of the Goddess.

3. Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden is nothing less than heaven for nature lovers. It is home to over 300 bonsai specimens collected from across the world. Kishkindha Moolika Bonsai Garden is regarded as one of the largest bonsai gardens in the world. It is located in Avadhoota Datta Peetham ashram established by Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji.

Uniquely arranged by various Indian traditions, the bonsai trees can be categorized as The Rashi Vana, The Raga Vana, The Nakshatra Vana, and finally the Saptarishi Vana groups.

4. St. Philomena’s Church

Lauded for being the most majestic church of India, the St. Philomena’s Church is a famous tourist spot of Mysore that can be visited with a private cab from Bangalore Drive. It was built by Maharaja Mummudi Krishnaraja Wadiyar of Mysuru in 1843 in the honor of Saint Philomena. This church is a reflection of the religious harmony that prevailed in Mysore back then. Its Neo-Gothic architecture makes it one of the distinctive monuments of the city.

5. Talakadu

Talakadu is located on the banks of River Kaveri and is popularly known as the “Kashi of the South”. It is a city of temples, famous for the Curse of Talakadu. Once it had more than thirty temples, but at present, all of them are submerged in sand. Located 45 km from Mysore, the city of Talakadu has witnessed the opulence of several great kingdoms. The city elegantly preserves the ancient history of Mysore and its rulers.

The Best Things to do in Mysore, Karnataka

Things to do in Mysore on your road trip with a Private Taxi from Bangalore Drive
Things to do in Mysore on your road trip with a Private Taxi from Bangalore Drive

Mysore is known for its opulent architecture and lush greenery. Hire a taxi from Bangalore Drive and visit the distinct landmarks of the city like the Lalitha Mahal Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Folklore Museum, and St. Philomena’s Cathedral.

History buffs and art lovers can explore these monuments to witness the artifacts and art galleries on exhibit. Jaganmohan Palace even houses some art pieces created by Raja Ravi Varma. The Folklore Museum at the Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion has folk art and artifacts of the region on display. 

Nature enthusiasts can treat their senses to the regional flora and fauna at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Chamunda Lake, Kukkarahalli Lake, Balmuri Waterfalls, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, and Kunti Betta. You can indulge in activities such as birdwatching and boating at these spots.

With a Bangalore to Mysore cab rental, you can visit the several parks & gardens in Mysore and enjoy a picnic or spend a day relaxing with your family. Lingambudhi Park, Cheluvamba Park, Sanjeevini Park, Freedom Fighter’s Park, Javaregowda Park, and Dr. Ambedkar’s Park, are some of them.

Mysore is the seat of Ashtanga Yoga. The city had several accredited Yoga schools and green spaces to learn and practice yoga. Ayurvedic massages and traditional beauty treatments are also available at various centers across the city.

Shopaholics can pick some special regional souvenirs such as the finest coffee at wholesale rates, Channapatna Toys for kids, and exquisite Mysore Paintings. Mysore is surrounded by dense sandalwood forests. You can buy sandal incense sticks and other authentic sandalwood products at the local markets of Mysore. Another popular product to buy is Mysore silk. The fabric and sarees are exquisitely prepared and feature beautiful Zari borders.

Among other things, you can also indulge in authentic South Indian food in the city. Mostly, Udupi cuisine is served at eateries across Mysore. You can savor Idli, Dosa, Shavige Bath, Vangi Baath, Bisi Bele Bath, Pongal, Payasam, and Mysore Pak on a typical Mysore platter. The yummy food is accompanied by a traditional Indian filter coffee or an Adike.

Know about Bengaluru

Bangalore is Karnataka’s largest city and the capital of the state. The city has established itself as the IT hub of India. Bangalore is also popular as the Silicon Valley of India. The blend of traditional and modern culture keeps the city thriving. Bangalore flaunts its Victorian-era architecture through most of its monuments and buildings. From historical monuments and beautiful gardens to amusement parks, there are many popular places to visit in Bangalore.

The city has a cosmopolitan lifestyle complemented by the laid-back attitude of its original inhabitants. Owing to this ease of living offered by the city, it is also ranked among the most liveable cities in the country. Beyond the facilities and infrastructure, Bangalore has pleasant weather throughout the year.Bangalore to Mysore Road trip with Bangalore Drive gives you a break from the hubbub of the city, allowing you time to unwind and de-stress.

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